Feb 16, 2012

Roberto and Bruce's Big Night
It is a big week for Roberto Nelson and his family. On Thursday evening, Oregon State plays at Stanford and on Saturday the Beavers face Cal, two tough and important contents. Those games take on even more significance for Roberto as his father, Bruce, will be in attendance both nights.
Those who read Play Their Hearts Out or the eBook I wrote, Hand-Me-Down Dream, know how close Roberto was with his father. They understand how it gutted him to lose Bruce just before his senior year of high school. While Bruce has been in prison, Roberto has matured, but he has felt Bruce’s absence every day.
Bruce was released from prison Dec. 24, but he hasn’t been able to travel to Oregon to see Roberto because of limitations that the state put on him. He is not on parole, only probation, so eventually he will be able to see Roberto play in Corvallis, Oregon, but probably not until next season.
I’ve talked to Bruce and Roberto a few times lately but not about their reunion. It seemed silly asking Roberto: “So, are you excited to see your dad?” I know how he feels, and I know how Bruce feels, and their emotions are going to be what you’d expect. I get chocked up thinking about it.
I’ll be at the Stanford game (and Cal on Saturday as well). I want to see Bruce and Roberto. But I’m not going to stick around after tonight’s game. I’m not going to lurk by the team bus so I can witness the moment that Roberto and Bruce reunite. I did a lot of lurking in order to report Play Their Hearts Out, but this is one scene I am going to intentionally miss.
It is their moment and I’m going to leave it alone.